5 Renovations That Won’t Improve Home Value

We often think about renovating our homes with modern trends that will make our lifestyle more luxurious. However, not all our favorite changes around the house end up giving us the return on investment we expected. Talking to¬†wagga wagga real estate agents helped us figure out few renovations that you may love but won’t add value to your house:

Swimming Pool

As fancy and luxurious as it may sound, a swimming pool does not really add monetary value to your house. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who would actually pay an add-on for the pool inside the house. But more than often, you will never get enough money returned as compared to what investment you made on getting it installed.

Other families who have kids might not be sure of the safety of the house when making a purchase. Pool is really a gamble for your house because it can only appeal to a particular audience.

Room Transformations

If you change the conventional setup of your rooms in the house, you may not attract everyone. Think of it this way, a family walks in for a visit to your house and checks for bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges. Instead of having 2-3 bedrooms, they find how you’ve converted a bedroom into a gaming room. While you may take your equipment with you when leaving however, it limits the vision of the guests. Therefore, changing their perspective about the room may not be the best idea.

Extensive Landscaping

You may end up creating an entire forest in your backyard without realizing that the investment you make may not add value to your home. Landscaping is also a personal interest which does not benefit or seem interesting to other home buyers. While you may like trees and plants with the waterfall in your backyard, not every other buyer wants the same in theirs. Do not expect to make money because of landscaping done inside your house rather, the possibility that movers will remove everything.

Fresh Paint Coats

While you may want to add fresh paint coat on your home walls to attract new buyers, it will never be included in the pricing for your house. You may spend money on your current house for repainting but you will not be able to recover the same amount or add a profit margin for it in the final pricing for the house.

We do a lot of renovations because we want to and some because we want to attract the buyers. The best tip would be to stay minimal and ensure the conventional setup of a house is not disturbed so maximum families can be attracted and the house remains relevant to them.